How to fix validating identity

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Problem began after updating SSL certificate issued by CAcert.Note that CAcert is not listed in the default i OS root certificates, but is installed as a Profile. I tried deleting the mail account, rebooting the i Phone 6s, and re-setting up the email account. Updated to i OS 10.2 and repeated email account setup.Today whenever I enter my e-mail on i OS 10, i Phone 7 a message pops up with 'cannot verify server identity'...previosly this gave you the option to continue, details or cancel..on i OS 10 the continue option has been dropped so I cannot simply click and get my e-mails..anyone know how to fix?I have searched online with no joy as all are much older versions of i OS. [Re-Titled by Host]I had this Same Problem and what I kept doing was Deleting email and then adding back, but that didn't fix So after a lot of trouble shooting this was what Solved it so I could get the Continue to be able to Trust Certificate 1st Delete the Email Account that's giving you Trouble2nd Go back to Settings and then Mail then Click on Accounts then click on another email account that you have on there click on it then Outgoing Mail Server After getting to the Outgoing Mail Server Click on the Email that you deleted in 1st step then Scoll down and Delete the Server!Toro she took the porn from the total, the other useful communications converged on the top. Also, it ideas as a bridge between your dating see the.

This has something to do with the ssl security settings / certificates but this fix works. Would hate to have to change for another phone because of broken mail.

This dialog indicates that there may be a certificate issue with your e-mail provider's mail server, or there may have been a change to their systems at some point recently. Iphone SE prompted for certificate warning but had options for cancel, details and continue.

As a first step, I'd try removing the account and setting it back up via the steps outlined below. This has something to do with the ssl security settings / certificates but this fix works.

Close Safari and run through email wizard again (or just reenter password if account already saved) and you will again have the option to press continue for this server. No answer just that they had not seen this problem before and I appeared to be the only person with this problem so its not a bug !!!!

I understand that you're no longer able to access your email on your i Phone due to a dialog that appears, despite having been able to dismiss this dialog in the past. Then my service provider updated their certificate Friday and sinne then no go with mail. There is nothing wrong in certificate itself - it is from accepted root provider in Apples list. Every time verifying details had certificate warning but no continue button just option for cancel and details.

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