How i started a dating empire

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When Laura Lane, 32, and Angela Spera, 29, met in a sketch-writing workshop in 2013, they were just looking for a creative escape from their day jobs. But once they did, their careers took a totally new turn.

Spera: I was single for the largest chunk of time ever. Lane: I was a little pushy, but I was in investment mode.

Lane: And we love that idea now and 100 percent stand by our book. Lane: If you want to open a restaurant, you have investors who have a certain idea of what customers will eat, and that might be different than what the creative chef wants.

From the creative perspective, compromise is really hard, especially when you put your heart and soul into something.

Spera: It’s like birthing a baby and having it taken away. It’s hard to take edits that you get back the next day.

But a week later, it’s like, ‘OK, cut that.’ And the book led to the podcast, right?

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