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'Cuz if you ask any of them, they will tell you, Italian women don't put out very easily. I had trouble with the Italian girls and when I've been in Rome I've mainly gone for American girls.

However, IME, Italian women love black men (of any country), and spanish speaking men: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain primarily. Does anyone have much experience picking up Italian girls?

You can just stroll around and jump into the action at any of the small bars and pubs in the area.

If you want big techno places and a wild party scene with a very diverse crowd go to Via Monte Testaccio.

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Also watch out for Italian hooligan types being rowdy or aggressive.

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'Cuz if you ask any of them, they will tell you, Italian women don't put out very easily.I always have it easy with Italian women, yet my Italian friends (who are good looking, and stylish guys) say the opposite. It's a fashion industry hub and home to Mediaset (Berlusconi's media empire). I speak the language fluently and have a good understanding of the culture. This might explain the same phenomenon, a high percentage of Argentines are of Italian ancestry. They are quite deeply rooted in their communities, stay in the same groups of friends and may live with their families well into their 20s. Italian women can be very feminine and very hot, but there's also a downside in the form of a strong sense of entitlement, princess complex, etc.But there's a bunch of overseas campuses for US colleges and tons of college girls who are in love with Europe. Feminism is a lot more pervasive than you might expect from a fairly traditional Catholic country.I usually stay near the historic centre when I'm there.I'll start off a night at Campo de Fiori, a historic square surrounded by bars.

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