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Having said that, the process used to derive these results applies equally well to the case of a residential subscriber.

The specific information that can be retrieved however depends on how active the subscriber is online and how the websites he/she visits treat IP addresses (i.e., do they expose them to indexing by search engines).

The latest one identified six specific elements of subscriber information which would be made available to law enforcement and national security authorities without prior judicial authorization; specifically, one’s: This document presents findings from a technical analysis conducted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) examining the privacy implications of subscriber information elements which are not found in a phone book: email address, mobile phone number and Internet Protocol (or IP) address.

Research associated with this analysis concluded December 19, 2012.

A phone number (landline and/or mobile) can be used to obtain a variety of other information about an individual, such as: NOTE: The results of the tests conducted during this analysis were quite revealing and had the potential to lead to the identification of an individual.

In order to protect privacy, and reduce the risk of identification or misidentification of an individual, the results presented in the examples that follow were generalized to remove as much identifying information (e.g., IP addresses, website names, specific search subjects, URLs and so on) as possible., even non-commercial Internet activity, such as reading documents on web pages, invariably requires the transmission of IP address information that can identify what one reads online.

We: By combining the results of all of these steps, it was possible to build a detailed profile of a person or group associated with the IP address.

These examples, however, give a glimpse into the kind of portrait that authorities could be able to paint of individuals without needing to obtain prior judicial authorization as has been proposed in previous legislation introduced at various points over the last decade.In general, the findings lead to the conclusion that, unlike simple phone book information, the elements examined can be used to develop very detailed portraits of individuals providing insight into one’s activities, tastes, leanings and lives. Prior to this work by the OPC, which began as the latest incarnation of federal lawful access legislation, Bill C-30, was still on the Parliamentary agenda, a similar analysis was performed by Christopher Parsons, a Ph D candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria.His analysis, done in the face of a former version of lawful access legislation, was posted to his blog – It looked at what International Mobile Subscriber Identification and International Mobile Equipment Identification numbers could uncover about individuals.It was performed in accordance with the Office's mandate to support, undertake and publish research into privacy issues and to promote public awareness through the preparation and dissemination of research findings for use by the general public, federal government institutions and private sector organizations.Further, the analysis was conducted in order to provide OPC staff the ability to speak to the issues raised by previously proposed legislation, and advise Parliament accordingly on the basis of firsthand knowledge.

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