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She looked to her husbands to defend her honor, but they were gambled away and were only slaves now.The evil cousins tell Draupadi that she is also a slave now and to take off her clothes.One of the evil cousins comes over to strip off her clothes and she prays to Krishna. He pulls and pulls and pulls on the pallu and it just keeps going, never disrobing her.Soon he is in a mountain of cloth and she is still clothed. The king is so freaked that he tells her to choose a favor. The king does so and offers another favor, but she refuses.The issue of women in Hinduism for me is as conflicted as the issue of arranged marriage (Arranged Marriage).

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Being a modern and independent woman has been a tremendous struggle for me.

I am learning how to do that because I'm dating a modern American man and my plans for an arranged marriage did not work out at all.

But sometimes I feel guilt over not being better at the housework.

When a young bride first goes to her new home, in some places it is tradition for her to be taken straight to the kitchen to cook a perfectly round roti (like a tortilla) to prove her worth in household duties. This idea of the man being superior is not part of the religion, it's just a habit of men to think that way because they have the power.

There is such a strong ideal for a woman to worship her husband as her Lord, but too often people forget that the husband is also to adore his wife as the goddess.

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