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Many downed trees and I had to loop back multiple times to find the right trail. Nearly nobody else and it's so boring landscape wise that you start to memorize where the bumpy parts are. The floating trail opened a couple of months ago and is very peaceful. Commonly seen animals include turtles, herons, ducks. Very beautiful scenery with all the pine trees, perfect beaches 2 miles in for a quick break or some lunch.The path as marked on this app doesn't seem to be entirely correct. Quite a few turtles out on this River trail sunbathing which was an added bonus.The views around Ramapo Lake are amazing, with a great spot on a boulder to have a quick bite & rest. Steep climb up, strenuous if you’re going at a faster pace, but view was well worth it. Just watch out for "cyclists" (quotations because they're more like people that picked up a bike at Walmart for occasional riding and, therefore, don't know what they're doing); some act like they own the path.You’ll need to take a left at the large pile of rocks at the top to get to the view. I've almost been hit several times near the edge of the path - not walking in the middle of it.

Nice trail at some points, but it isn't well maintained or well marked. Great options for easy hikes (longest loop is about a mile). Last 1-1.5 mile is on the lake with no current so getting this portion done will be on you but is still easy enough.There are sections that I simply couldn't find. Stick to the right-east side as you go further down and don't detour on the golf course. Recommend if you have your own kayaks, price is a little steep through Pinelands Adventures.While the trail is pretty - wildflowers and butterflies- it was very frustrating. Hiking in New Jersey (NJ) offers a wide variety of trails from wooded paths in the north to sandy trails in the south.North Jersey provides plenty of opportunities to get outside, like the Palisades Cliffs that run along the Hudson River.

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