High functioning autism and dating

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She’s a full time student and a housewife, while he works full time. My BFF says “oh it’s just his Aspergers he just doesn’t think; it’s the selfishness in him.” But honestly I think it’s less to do with Aspergers and more to do with him being a fucking waste of space.

For example, my friend and I wanted to go to the movies for an evening but that would mean he had to watch the kids and he’d had a “hard” day.

He does work, but we've had many, many arguments because he sincerely feels that that fulfills his obligation to our family.

He has plenty of anxiety himself, which goes untreated, so we can only be out of the house together for short periods of time before he starts melting down.

I mean like shelves of books, hours a day of videos. She gets lonely because she doesn't have many friends. But I've learned that it has to be a two way street.

She has a hard time socializing because she doesn't know how to take things and sometimes says things that are innappropriate. She's an amazing person and I will always be the person she can talk to freely and feel comfortable with. It's not enough for me to just say, "Oh I have autism.

If your friends aren't supportive of your boyfriend, they aren't real friends.

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He is only able to connect with me around certain topics (his special interests).

She knows that it's all I can do, and she knows that even that is hard for me, and she knows that I try anyway because I love her. Sometimes, I think she just wants a normal human to talk with her like a normal human. Now that we are older and share some points of interest and experience my father is a lot better with us and even expressed regret that he might have missed things by not really ' being there' when we were young.

The reality of it was that my father spend most of his time behind his computer with his back to the room when we were young, or at work.

So he fucking sat on the couch, ignored his kids and Didn't date someone. When i was a kid I didnt really understand what was up with her. She's so understanding and she does everything she can to make sure I'm ok.

As an adult, I just know that everything has to be organized a certain way. Being poor makes her life chaotic and she can't handle it well. She has been obsessed with one specific topic my entire life and doesn't have much interest in anything else. She knows that I can get overwhelmed and she's learned to be able to tell if I'm about to melt down. She understands that when I get home from work I just need a minute to sit in silence in the bedroom to calm down.

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