Hayley and josh admit to dating

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Klaus and his family were staying in a suite while the rest of the crew were being put up in smaller rooms on lower floors. She dropped her things in the foyer and went to the bedroom. She almost makes me miss Camille.""Take that back," Caroline demanded. "And despite everything you are, I don't have any complaints yet."Klaus laughed and pulled her to him. For now, I'd like to shower and sleep.""All right," he agreed, kissing her before releasing her.

When the doors opened, Kol and Caroline emerged, laughing about something."Oh, hi," Caroline greeted her. Moments later, Klaus emerged from the bathroom in nothing but a towel around his waist."Hello, sweetheart," he smiled. ""What are you doing, talking about the background to 'Give Me Love' like that? "We've kept a cover on everything for years and you almost blew it in minutes! "I would like to tell the world about us though, sweetheart. "Hurry up in there; I like falling asleep beside you.""Ugh, sap," she joked, walking to the bathroom."You love me," he called after her.

We've been married for four years and we deserve an award for how well we've hid it, but I want everyone to know you're my wife. Jax Sandoval has always been good to me, so why don't we tell him? Caroline stopped at the door and looked back at him. "His older brother, Elijah, is his manager and he's married to Katherine, the tour manager. "He's the guitar tech and it's not confirmed, but I'm pretty sure he's married to Caroline, Klaus' glorified assistant, but when I called her that, I was reprimanded. But Klaus wrote 'Give Me Love' when she got married and there's no way she'd travel all the time like this without her husband, so it has to be Kol. The following morning, Team Klaus convened in a conference room for a quick breakfast before heading to the train station.

"I guess that makes you lucky."Downstairs, Hayley sat on her phone, talking to her best friend back home, Sophie."It's amazing," she gushed. His younger sister, Rebekah, is his stylist and she's married to Stefan, his lead guitarist. That's the inner circle and I know she isn't married to Klaus. Caroline was just filling her mug of coffee when Hayley joined her at the coffee bar."Morning," Hayley yawned. ""Been doing this a long time," Caroline shrugged."I noticed you don't wear a wedding ring," Hayley stated. ""If I'm helping techs, it gets in the way and I'm afraid I'll lose it," Caroline explained, thinking Hayley to be a tad nosy. " Hayley repeated."It's my matching tattoo," Caroline explained, getting irritated. "Oh, that makes sense." And then, suddenly, it hit her, and she gasped.

It seems Team Klaus is very family-oriented." He looked to Hayley. "Well, Miss Marshall, it's been lovely, but I should shower and get to bed. ""Yes," she confirmed, again hurt that he didn't want to get to know her. "Um, yes, I am married."Hayley eyed Kol suspiciously before looking back to the blonde. "He was being honest for once; he did write that song for your wedding."She sighed. I'll see you in a bit."He pressed a kiss to her cheek. It's probably time you admit it.""You just wanted to impress the new girl," she smirked.

"I'll see you in the morning."Hayley excused herself, left the suite, and headed down the hallway for the elevator. Klaus said he wrote 'Give Me Love' for your wedding. "See you."Caroline turned and used a key to open the door behind her. You just wanted to say I danced to song.""Oh, I didn't give a single specific," he explained, going to the dresser for pants to sleep in. "So few celebrities will talk openly about personal stuff, so you wanted her to think you're a rebel for doing it."Klaus made a face. She's worked with mediocre artists at best and her outfit was entirely inappropriate. ""You know Cami was a thorn in my side," she said through gritted teeth."Someone sounds jealous," he chuckled in a sing-song tone. "You're an asshole.""Perhaps," he agreed, "but you married me.""I did," she sighed.

" Jax wanted to know."A member of my team," Klaus replied. Katherine needed an assistant tour manager to help her out so she hired Hayley here. He's a fantastic musician and I'm very lucky to be a part of the team now."Jax checked his notes. I'll do a brief write-up for this month and then I'll see you next week in Venice.""Sounds good, mate," Klaus said as he stood to shake Jax's hand. Goodnight, Hayley."The doors closed before Hayley could make any more accusations."That was close," Kol mumbled as they walked down the hall to their rooms."Uh-huh," she grumbled.

"Your songs all sound so personal, so there must be, or have been, girls who have meant a great deal to you. That song won you three Grammys.""It did," Klaus nodded calmly.

" she asked, wondering who she should suck up to; it wasn't every day a girl got the chance to work for Klaus Mikaelson, after all. At the hotel, Klaus' security whisked him away to a private suite where the journalist from the magazine was waiting.

Since most of the questions were about his music and the tour, Hayley occupied herself by checking the thirty emails Katherine had sent since she'd left the arena."What about love?

Then we're on the train by seven AM to take the Chunnel towards Paris.

Find Henrik and take him with you."When the show ended, Klaus left the stage and found only Hayley waiting for him."Everyone is packing up because we have to be out by one," she filled him in as she walked just behind him. "Henrik nodded ahead of them at where Elijah was letting himself into Klaus' room. "I was supposed to find him and send him there.""Hayley! "We have a tech emergency and need all hands on-deck, so your job duties are expanding.

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