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Kontra Channel is a news channel addressed to the potential audience aged 35-55. It offers revealing reportages and analyzes all aspects of the actualities that affect the lives of Greek citizens. It was the first private television station in Greece. Mega's programming consists mainly of Greek programmes such as comedies, dramas, news, current affairs and entertainment shows. Note: this channel is unavailable in the US due to copyright restrictions.

Skai TV is a Greek TV station, based in Pireus, Athens.

Traditionally, marriages were often arranged by parents and the family of the bride was expected to pay a dowry.

Today, a vestige of the tradition survives in the "kidnapping" of the bride by the family or friends of the groom.

Please consider golfing, becoming a sponsor, supporting the raffle, or making a general donation.

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It is basically a main news station which includes discussions on current issues of everyday life.

/person includes 9 holes of golf and a light dinner.

It is a religious-themed channel run by the Orthodox Church of Greece. This was done by Former ERT employees demanding the reopening of the company ERT.

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Μπορείς να παρακολουθήσεις τα καλύτερα κανάλια της ελληνικής τηλεόρασης, οπουδήποτε κι αν είσαι στον κόσμο !

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