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Despite his interviewers’ attempts to prompt fascinating answers--"When you meet that special woman,” goes one interview question, “are you going to know it right off? “People join GE to meet someone, get married and have a family. Victor Ramirez, a contract administrator who lives in Diamond Bar, felt the same way. “I don’t want a series of one-night stands,” says Ramirez, who compared the price of a Great Expectations membership to “going out once a week to a nightclub, where I don’t meet anybody.” He concluded that videodating was more cost-effective.“You can screen women.

That said, there are worse things than cutting your teeth on a Dickens novel, because he’ll teach you that lesson whether you like it or not. Joe, Jaggers the lawyer, Herbert Pocket, Magwitch, Biddy—Dickens conjures a new character in practically every chapter.Midway through a discussion of royalties and fees, he lets a phone call from his publicist divert him from the business at hand to a favorite topic: aphrodisiacs. ” asks one Great Expectations direct-mail letter, which touts the merits of choosing a mate via videotape.He launches into a rapid-fire rant, pacing the room as he prattles on about ginseng syrup, bone marrow jelly and chestnuts steeped in Muscadet.“According to the no-nonsense Elizabethans, chestnuts--being flatulent--incite Venus,” Ullman says, reading gleefully from a love potion cookbook. “No more uncomfortable blind dates,” the mailer promises. No more losers.”Ullman is the man behind the pitch, which he has sent out 500 million times during the past decade.For better or worse, it has become an integral part of American culture.And Ullman, a fast-talking, self-described “social-change activist,” is a big reason why. Ullman says losers become winners simply by joining. Once, when he needed to borrow 0,000, he wore a clear plastic tie filled with shredded dollar bills to a meeting with a banker.

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