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Re-scaling NPCs make them smaller and it's easy to make them "grow up" by script. The main point is this: modders make children to make them stay that way (small and look like kids) and I want them to grow up.If I use something (meshes and textures) to make kids look like real kids, I need to make 30 NPCs for 6 kids.I think that this new variable added greatly to the gameplay. Some people will be so "shy" that they will be difficult to date at all (they will not do what they suppose to do to move things forward).

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I thought only changing texture of the skin to look smoother.I will make a little break until 16-th of September. After that, Tefnacht will finish obligations in his life and re-join me on this project. I finally finished the dating system, which is very complex.I needed to clean code for all systems to be able to understand what's going on.Not to mention that code would be too complex to simulate growing up, because I would need to replace one NPC with another each time they grow up a bit.If I want to make kids for every race, say 30 kids, I need 150 NPC that represent different growing stages of those kids.

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