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Single Volunteers of Hunterdon County (SVHC) is a group of energetic, enthusiastic, and community-minded singles who enjoy helping others and meeting new single friends.

SVHC was formed by Ann Levy and Sonya Comstock in February 2001.

The present way in America to meet other singles is in bars, using dating services or through the personals, all of which can take away a person's self esteem and waste precious time.

While volunteerism has been suggested as an acceptable way to meet other singles, too often the volunteer activities are dominated by women or individuals who are married.

How does Single Volunteers work for me and the community? Find projects with nonprofit organizations where groups of SVHC volunteers can help --jobs from answering phones for telethons,building houses, staffing blood drives, assisting with charity events, helping at fund-raisers, or just stuffing envelopes.

Churches have also been suggested as a decent way to meet singles, but in many cases the single person is surrounded by happily married couples and children, doubling the hurt and frustration.

Friends still introduce friends but many times, the friends just don't happen to know anyone single.

Single Volunteers also works to broadcast nationwide the basic concept of singles volunteering together in worthwhile projects in hopes that others start a local chapter.

Chapters are self-governing and patterned after the needs of their local community, the supervising agency or organizers which could include a church, a nonprofit organization or an individual.

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