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It’s fairly user friendly and some nice features such as the shuffle, wink and being able to block or report unwelcome attention.

The app could be made better by:-- Don’t like it if I tick someone in the shuffle that they end up in my favourites.- Allowing the user to edit any part of the text in the profile without having to delete parts so you read the end bit.

Been on and off this dating site for a number of years now and only had 1 date, whether that’s due to lack of men my age group on the dating site or whether I’m pretty ugly, I don’t know!

In terms of the app on the mobile, it’s not bad but could be made much better.

Maybe the push for premium use has alienated many round here as this area is below average income being reliant on seasonal work, maybe that’s why hardly anyone round here shows up on it.

As someone who has had a profile on this for a few years.. Went back to the app to day hi a few mins later to find I have NO likes. I think it's just a scam to push you to sign up to premium avoid this crud there's better apps out.

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You will only be shown users that match your criteria, and vice versa!

We will forward your comments to the relevant team for further review, so it can be taken into consideration in future updates. This was a good app but updates and “improvements” have destroyed it. I think I'm about to delete my profile and the app.

It seems focused on forcing premium services in order to make the app useable - forgetting that the non premium users add value to the app by their use. I know I’m on the coast but “local” users shown on my app are rediculously far away.

We suggest suitable profiles for you, delivering 3-7 potential matches a day.

To help ensure compatibility, we base these suggestions on your relationship preferences, your location, and your individual personality test answers.

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