Fusion christian dating

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Enlist pastoral support for problems and needs for which you're not trained.4) Be real. I've seen attendance drop from 30 to 6 in two weeks. Figure out what the real needs are and focus on them.If I started another singles group it would focus primarily on meeting spiritual needs.It is through our extensive in-house capabilities and with our passionate skilled team that we are able to deliver on this goal.The key to realizing this vision is simply, hard work.

Once you've determined your target and vision, meet with your senior pastor to make sure it lines up with the church's overall vision. Find people to serve in leadership roles whose vision lines up with vision for the ministry. There's so much work to be done that one person trying to do it all will become frustrated and exhausted (trust me, I've been there time and time again). The leadership in our ministry is responsible for calling each member between our meetings.

We use these responses to plan activities, events, and outings. Everyone now has vested interest in the goals of the group.— Altesa Stay in contact with your group. E-mail newsletters are the most effective way of communicating with your regular attenders. They bring a healthy perspective and balance to our lives. This keeps everyone balanced and growing and spiritually healthy. For singles to grow and belong, they must involve and enfold themselves with the whole body of believers. Make sure singles events are consistently in the church's newsletter, calendar, and bulletin because 70-year-old Millie is looking for a way to get her 26-year-old grandson to church. There are no perfect people, singles ministries, or churches. After three months of movie nights, a couple of the women asked me where "our" class was. So in January of 2004, we started a Sunday school class with eight people and an agenda of prayer requests, a lesson/topic, and some discussion time.

Find ways to serve the body or the community as a group. Remember special events in the members' lives—birthdays, graduations, job promotions, etc. Keep everything you do and say centered in Christ.— Patty My recommendations:1. Make it OK for them to say "no." Relish those who say "yes."5. Listen to others' advice, but weigh it against the vision God gave you.7. Today, as we approach our first anniversary, the class has 14-20 regular attenders with well over 50 on the roster.

Decide what you want your group's primary focus to be.

We chose to focus on becoming servants, which lends itself to healing the brokenhearted and wounded souls. Look for God's answers and report them to the team.11.

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