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And, finally, a university professor, a woman, who I worked with many years ago found herself drawn to biker types because their apparent rough-hewn manner and in-sensitivity made her less guilty and worried about taking care of them. Some people, predominantly men, enjoy sexual encounters on the Internet, whether via erotic conversations, twittering, or sexting.

If the other person doesn't "fit the bill" and doesn't want to play in the prescribed ways, that connection can be deleted and another, more appropriate, one is available to take its place.

The man can have multiple erotic encounters, fashioned entirely to his taste, and enjoy relative anonymity.

The anonymity provided may be total, complete with fictitious screen names and invented identities, or relative, as it was with Weiner who flirted (and more) with online correspondents whom he didn't know at all and who knew him only through his public persona.

The second caveat is that understanding sexual behavior is not the same as condoning it.

We can understand someone like Weiner and still condemn his behavior.

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