Friend dating crush

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Dear Auntie, This is one of those time-machine questions, where I have already messed everything up, and I’m just wondering what I should have done differently.

And when something like that happens, it is perfectly acceptable to react by crying in the privacy of your bedroom, wearing the same ratty sweatpants for three days straight, and gorging on pizza-flavored Combos while binge-watching Buffy on Netflix.

It is not acceptable, however, to sulk, whine, glare, sling accusations of dishonesty, and generally make life so miserable for an otherwise happy couple that they have to take their relationship underground. And with that in mind, I don’t think the problem is with you, or your relationship, or your general level of decency.

And it was in that charade, not in your romance itself, where you truly did her wrong.

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She’s a really good person, she had him first, and she is still upset about it, so I feel really being with him would violate the “decent human being” code. Am I allowed to be selfish, or have I been selfish enough as is? Because when it comes to figuring out the conundrum you’re facing, Auntie Spark Notes couldn’t care less about whether or not you’re “allowed” to be selfish.

She gets very sulky if we’re so much as in the same room together, and she has accused me of being dishonest.

Technically, I am not with this guy, but I see her point.

No matter what the circumstances or the situation, whether you're the one with the secret crush, you suspect your friend likes you, or it's a mix of the two, here are some reliable flags to tell if your friendship is becoming something more. If you're sitting around zoning out about your friend in class or at work, you have feelings for them. "Your heart beats faster when you see them, know you are going to see them, or hear from them," she says.

"Romantic fantasies when you are apart" are a huge giveaway, Dr. Basically, if you can't stop thinking about them, it means you've got it bad for them.

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