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Decades ago, dating multiple people and having casual sex used to be shamed and stigmatized. Society is far more accepting and supportive of people being promiscuous, or simply sussing out multiple people and weighing their options.

Or if you ended your date with a make out session, text him “Mmm.. thanks for a fun night :)” later that night, or the next day.) If you didn’t make any physical contact or overtly flirtatious comments on your first date, besides hugging goodbye, don’t send them a text saying, “Ughhh I wish you were sitting on my face right now.” A: Any digital message that conveys erotic intent, or content.There’s the physical/in-person realm, with vocalization and touch, and the digital/text-based realm.For example, it’s common to feel more shy about making sexy comments and escalating things in person than over text.If they have message previews enabled for their phone’s lock screen, this lets you deliver a quick shiver or smirk when they’re checking the time as they’re running errands, in meetings or having conversations. We love to feel special, sexy, and like we’re on someone’s mind, and sexting is a great way to evoke that feeling.If they’re in a professional context, they’ll want to hide their reaction from others, which is super erotic. If you’ve never done it before, or haven’t met the person yet and made any flirtatious comments, (unless you’re meeting someone online under the strict context of one-night-stands or BDSM/kink play), it’s best not to jump right into the hardcore stuff. Note what turns you on about their outfits, mannerisms, sex noises, things they’ve said, moments you’ve shared, etc.

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