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You can do so by going to the App Drawer Hide Applications and choosing apps that you would like to hide.

Just like on the i Phone, you will have to repeat the process to unhide the apps.

Another category of hiding apps that parents should be aware of are disguise apps.

Smart Hide Calculator (Android, free) and Secret Calculator (i Phone, free) appear as calculators on the icon and when you open them.

The application developers claim that Keep Safe Safe Send is like Snapchat but works with everyone, even if they don’t have the app.

You can send a picture that will be visible for 20 seconds before self-destructing.From a hidden app to social steganography, teenagers will always find ways to hide their pictures and messages and other content on their phones.If you find that your child is using one of these applications or similar ones to hide their activities, try not to jump directly into the “Show me what’s there” request.First, by doing so, you will be pushing your child away and they will be less likely to open up to you.Second, as we mentioned earlier, a lot of apps have a decoy mode and your child might show you an account with curated data, created especially for situations like this.

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