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She has full control over whether male, female, or both sets are exposed. A major reason why Jande insists on being so scantily clad is because of how covered the tribe of people demand their women be.

She knows they can't tell her what to do, lest they wish to have their homes and everything ruined and their lives more than likely ended. Jande CAN change her size to be larger or smaller than she presently is, if she so desires.

Gifted to their best customers as a token of appreciation by local businesses, each medallion is a story waiting to be told.

Each offers its own unique history and brilliantly captures the style and attitude of the glorious French culture.

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Because of this, Jande can only receive proper sacrifice/offering when it is given by males. Jande doesn't hate men in general; she only hates men that treat women poorly.

If I am on Do Not Disturb, do not whisper or PUB me unless I already know you.

I will be very unhappy and will more than likely not answer.

But, when there are so few constraints on what a tribe wants from their deity, the yokai being summoned from Yomi is decently free to do as they please.

And so, Jande Jari was born as a giant goddess that reigns over everything.

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