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While most know us for our iconic round blue package of table salt, there is a lot more to Morton.

The Ultimate Sword & Sorcery Blog of Ultimate Destiny. So here is my review of the first sentence of every story in the Peadar O' Guilin Darrack fell out of bed onto the straw, scraping the stump of his left arm.

I can almost guarantee this story'll be more fun than throwing chalk balls at English Maria V.

But you'll have buy Black Gate if you want to read it.

Businesses count on Morton to keep them going strong – across factories and farms, restaurants and roadways and virtually everywhere in between. The Morton Salt story began in Chicago in 1848, when the company’s roots were first established.

Discover the many ways that Morton is hard at work for our customers. Our story has unfolded over generations and continues to unfold today in homes and businesses all across America – and beyond. Get a taste of our fascinating history and how we continue to stay focused on the future.

Don't you love it when the first line of the first story tells you you're going to love the magazine or anthology you plunked down good money for?

Of course you do, or you wouldn't be reading this blog. Not only does it give us immediate character sympathy as well as provide a point of tension--it's a goddam stump! I'm tempted to just skip over this first sentence and demand you read the entire story on my recommendation alone! How could that sentence not make you want to read what follows?

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