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But mostly Gjokaj and Lachman are just insanely talented and chameleonic actors, and Dushku is slightly less so.) Either way, the slight cracks in her performance don’t start to show until future episodes, and she was very solid here. Consider donating and commissioning more, via my Go Fund Me campaign — — and thanks for reading!As I suspected, the characters played by Gjokaj and Lachman don’t get all that much to do in the pilot, and the major character played by Miracle Laurie (who is fantastically talented and gorgeous and also happens to be bigger than a size zero) wasn’t in the pilot at all. And you can keep up with me on Twitter @Floating Spirals and never miss a post 🙂 You can also subscribe and get email updates by using that widget thing on the sidebar! Written & Directed by Anton King/Produced by Anton King, Dichen Lachman, & Jack Wylson/Starring Fran Kranz, Dichen Lachman, Beau Garrett, Caitlin Stasey, Enver Gjokaj, Karim Saleh, Miracle Laurie, Felicia Day, & Maurissa Tancharoen/Music by Jed Whedon Note: You can find out more and view the trailer at the show’s website,

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And as he and Cali spend more time together, he begins to fall for this cynical, wonderful woman, although he’s still too set on winning Mila to admit it at first . Meanwhile, Astor is also trying to manage a truce with Mila’s current boyfriend Jake and to get Mila and Cali to work out their differences. This is another one of those random indie films that I basically only watched because of the cast.

And I’m not usually a fan of even your basic love triangle, so that part of the story was kind of a downer for me. I loved the dynamic between Cali and Astor; there’s this one scene where they’re on the roof together just relaxing, watching birds, dancing, and being themselves, and it’s pretty much perfect and wonderful.

Also, fair warning that, while this is officially not rated, it would probably be rated R if it were . (Of course, I think Fran Kranz and Dichen Lachman have a good dynamic on-screen together just in general.

And I’m pretty sure people complained that they found certain leaps in the show’s logic to be irritating and unrealistic, but again, not a problem that usually bothered me.

And even if it had, the awesomeness that is Enver Gjokaj would have outweighed it ALL.

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