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May grinned at Dave and wound the window down to say hello, knowing what was going on, whilst April sat with her head against the window, obviously asleep.Dave went back and shut the door to the house and jumped in his ute.If you would like to request a celebrity, please make sure that she doesn't have a page here already (with our search tool) and send us her name and IMDB link through this form .Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre provides water-sports and adventurous activities.Of course, we'll probably have to dump April in the car still asleep given the times that she usually wakes up on the weekend.Shit, we're lucky if she's even back from partying by 5am to get out of bed!Like the name implies, this the latest beautiful female celebries added to our website.

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As to their daughter, April, well he had mixed feelings about her coming along. On the other side, Dave knew that with a couple of drinks under his belt, he was likely to start flirting outrageously and in front of her parents that wasn't such a good idea.

Through the quirks of fate, there was less years between Dave and April than there was between Dave and Phil, which in his mind made it more dangerous.

Phil had got May pregnant by accident early in their relationship and though they'd been teenage parents, they'd truly found love and managed to avoid the fate of so many others in their position and were still together 18 years later.

Dave worked with Phil and despite Phil being 38 and Dave only being 26, they'd hit it off well enough and often went camping out by the lake together.

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