Foriegn woman dating dating flirt in guatemala

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When you travel thousands of miles from your home to a country that’s known for very feminine and beautiful women, well, what does that say about you?

In many ways, it’s the ultimate form of validation that a woman can receive. She knows that if you’re willing to spend so much time and money to fly so far away, then perhaps there’s a good chance that you’re not very successful with women in the country you’re in, otherwise you would be having sex with them instead of spending many hours on the plane.

Unfortunately, the truth can stay hidden only for so long.

The longer I know the girl, the sooner my past will get discovered, and the sooner she realizes that I’m not some run-of-the-mill regular “Ivan,” but a man who’s very, very different from most of the men out there.

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For all the glory about being a foreigner who’s dating exotic local women, sometimes it’s nice to be a local guy. Unlike Western men, they don’t go out of their way showing off or trying to prove anything (showing off seems to be mostly a Western thing).She has no choice but to like him for who he is, otherwise, she wouldn’t be with him.I’m not saying that all foreign dating is a form of validation. I met my amazing Lithuanian ex-girlfriend by chance at a bar in Copenhagen. I was just passing through Denmark as part of my European adventures when I decided to check out a bar.He will never be in a position of trying to build something with a woman while the woman scheming with her friends on the best way to extract resources from him.He will never have to endure the pain of ultimately realizing that his relationship with that hot 23-year-old is contingent on him giving her money and taking her to nice places; as soon as he stops, the attraction disappears.

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