Fleshlight dating tips

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I also sometimes distinctly feel the bumps rolling over the contours of the corona (that’s the ridge at the back of the head of the penis, for those of you who’ve never really studied a diagram) and then coming into solid contact just below the head. With PIV sex (penis-in-vagina), and even with most of the Fleshlight’s I’ve tried, to me, the inward/downward stroke always seems a little sweeter and more rich in sensation than the out/up stroke.

But with the STU, the out-stroke is as invigorating as the in-stroke.

I was completely caught off guard by the relentless wall o’ pleasure that the STU’s seemingly basic pillowy bumps deliver.

I don’t normally have a stamina issue in bed, but I was finding myself almost powerless against the STU. If this is failure on my part, failure never felt so good and I want to fail again.

I imagined it just being more of the same or not much of anything at all. There is something to be said for repetition—for finding something simple that feels good and doing it over and over again.

I think that’s one of the things that is making these sessions go by so fast—building more credit towards an orgasm with every movement.

And speaking of sensational movements, the STU has a really cool thing in common with the Vortex.

I haven’t tried all the variations of that trick with the STU (so far, I’ve cum way before I would have even had a chance), but I rotated it for a few seconds, which was long enough to know that it feels special when you do that.

I wanted to compare the STU to my favorite Fleshlight, the Mini Lotus.

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