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The bad news is that there are no one-size fits all solutions, so you have to be targeted in your approach.Personalization makes your email feel like it’s one-to-one rather than a bulk message.After all, you spent a chunk of your day trying to word it correctly and type it up.

If not, could you please let me know who the appropriate person for me to talk to is?Are you free for a chat (TIME OPTIONS) about (TOPIC)?All the best, (YOUR NAME) (YOUR JOB TITLE) (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) (YOUR EMAIL) Hi (FIRST NAME), My name is (NAME) with (COMPANY). I wanted to learn how you handle (THINGS YOUR COMPANY HANDLES) at (COMPANY NAME) and show you what we’re working on.Would you mind pointing me towards the right person please, and the best way I might get in touch with them?Thanks in advance, (YOUR NAME) (YOUR JOB TITLE) (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) (YOUR EMAIL) Hi (FIRST NAME), I hope this email finds you well!

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