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Mari Sherkin saw a pop-up ad on Facebook for Zoosk, but wasn't interested, so she "clicked on the X to close it.

At least I thought I did." She immediately began to receive messages from would-be Zoosk suitors in her Facebook mailbox.

This one had one of the poorest security measures that we could find.

All we had to do was pick up the phone and call customer service and instantly we were given all the information that we needed to get in.

You would think that perhaps the redeeming factor would be that it is cheap to join, nope, you would be wrong there too.

All of the other sites that we reviewed had a name that at the very least indicated what the site was all about. Well, we just don’t really understand what the name is. It is a site that is supposed to be specific to married people but we just didn’t get it.They have very limited options for you to pay which means that the only way you can is through a credit card.If you do use your card, the name doesn’t appear on the billing, but it only took us three tries, literally, to trace back to who the biller was.We really can’t tell you if there were any fake profiles because we never really ever got a response from any of them.Of those who we reached out to we only got 5% return on our responses, those are the worst averages that we found. Give a try to one of our recommended cheating dating sites.

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