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Bebo In 2007, Bebo was the UK’s most popular social network, overtaking Myspace with 10.7 million users.The site was often used by users to express themselves in the forms of poems, notes, music and art, with teenagers being their primary audience.It was in fact reflecting back on this project which made us want to give other companies the opportunity to create their own dream space.Inspired by this project companies and individuals are now invited by Helix 3D to pitch an idea for a creative workspace of their dreams; a meeting room, brainstorming area, a pod or simply a kick arse desk.as the title says Had mine deleted today and had only paid for the extras 2 months ago (cool tools - £24.95) Mine disappeared after I asked if it was true they were deleting older people. Controversial and tragically try-too-hard social networking site Faceparty (yes, other the Face…Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this nostalgia trip, as these networks have played a key role within the story of the social media industry.

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Even with a takeover from Rupert Murdoch’s News International, Myspace struggled to prevent its users from migrating to Facebook and Twitter.

named site you never heard of) has announced radical totalitarian measures it feels are necessary to make its service safer for younger members.

In one of the most extreme culls ever seen, Faceparty has announced it will be terminating carte blanche all accounts held by users over 36 years old for fear they may be sex offenders!

Known for being more adult themed than its competitors, using slang across the site and featuring risqué images on the homepage, trouble loomed in 2008.

3 males were sent to jail for sexual abuse of an underage user they met through the site.

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