Facebook and dating trouble

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The diminishing threat from the social-media giant has become a tailwind for Match.The company’s stock has already surged this year and hit an all-time high this past week following a strong earnings report.The dating hub has a built in safety feature which only allows text based messages to be sent between new matches at first and dating messages will be kept separate from messenger.It will also use an algorithm to make sure you don't accidentally match with someone already on your friends list.“The privacy thing is superimportant in dating,” argues Jefferies analyst Brent Thill, who says that Facebook has shown “more bark than bite” with its dating ambitions.He adds that even if Facebook eventually gains some traction, its success could lessen the stigma around online dating in Asia, where Match’s Tinder is trying to gain ground, as well.

The idea is that daters want to better their odds by being on multiple apps at once, even if they all contain the same suitors.The company said that it added 384,000 subscribers to its Tinder dating app, which now counts 4.7 million paying subscribers.Match has achieved a rare feat in the world of social-networking: persuading people to actually pay for the service.Match sees a big opportunity in Asia, which is home to some 300 million singles deemed to be within the company’s addressable market.For context, just 8.6 million people globally pay for one of Match’s properties, including its powerhouse, Tinder, which popularized the concept of swiping through faces to find matches.

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