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Blendr uses location services to allow you to literally see the faces of nearby users.Almost every website that promotes this application uses the words, chat, flirt and meet to describe its best features. Young and foolish, 12-year old Shevaun Pennington found a friend online and decided that what he had to offer was more exciting than the boys in school.She joins a long line of other children who have met people in chat rooms or over e-mail and been persuaded to turn an online friendship into a real-world one, with consequences that will terrify any parent.It is traditional for those of us who have been online for many years to leap to the net's defence at times like this, arguing that parental ignorance is to blame and that anyway the net brings benefits which far outweigh any risks it may pose to children. Shevaun's disappearance was the net's fault and we have to accept this.

So we should not automatically let problems with chat and e-mail change the way we let children use the web.The only answer is to keep kids out of these spaces - to make them adult-only and require age verification by those hosting them. Looking after our kids means setting limits on their behaviour to keep them safe.We should not let the net advocates try to persuade us to expose our children to the dangers of public chat rooms.The list below may not include some meeting information. SAA member groups agree to abide by the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of SAA and their application of these principles is governed by their own group conscience.Members are urged to attend different groups and find those that fit best with their personal needs in recovery.

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