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I'm ok with using Java SVN if I have to, but I was told that Java HL will always be faster because the libraries are native.

This system property is supported by Java SVN 1.0.4 that will be included into Subclipse 1.0.0 Alexander Kitaev.And it's usefull if you want to re-use security rules of your apache config.But you can use svn ssh:// protocole over the internet without any problem. From an email: Today (2010-01-10) I installed Subclipse on Windows 7.You can use Subclipse with svnserve and without Apache. Some more steps were needed: - / - - download path has changed - - is a now, the is part of - - unpack the content (not the folder) of SVNService folder of to the subversion bin folder - Run SVNService as Administrator - - ...Instead of using a scheme in the repository URL, you use svn:, or svn ssh: over an unsecure network. Open the SVN Repository Exploring Perspective (Window | Open Perspective | Other) 3. On D: drive try file:///D:/svn_repository/php_repo , if you created your repository in d:\svn_repository\php_repo using Tortoise. otherwise "" - - In Windows 7 open a dos-window (cmd.exe) - - give this dos-window the Administator right by - - - dos-window Icon Als Administrator Ausfuehren/Run As Administrator?

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