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In order to do so, they decide to setup everything that is necessary to make this work using Exchange Federation.Paradyne, however, is also enrolled in a hybrid deployment.Requests from one organization to the other are “authenticated” through the MFG, and therefore these requests are federated.It does not matter if an organization wants to federate with a remote organization or with its hybrid counterpart in Office 365, the principle and how it works is the same.As long as the remote organization is an Exchange Online-only deployment, everything will work fine.In the case where the remote organization has a hybrid deployment, there’s one thing you can do: create (additional) separate Organization Relationships to and from the remote organization’s Exchange Online tenant.The Contoso Exchange server now receives back information which it doesn’t know how to handle.In fact, even if Exchange would know how to handle the information (which isn’t Free/Busy information but rather a redirect), there would still be an issue because the Contoso Exchange organization doesn’t have an organization relationship with the Exchange Online tenant of Paradyne. With Office 365 becoming more and more popular, it’s more likely you will encounter such a scenario sooner rather than later.

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But in case of a hybrid deployment, the Hybrid Configuration Wizard automatically takes care of this.

This allows you to bypass the limitation we discussed earlier.

However, in order to query those user’s Free/Busy information, you would also need to use their target addresses, e.g.

This is also the case with Office 365 – and in fact is even easier for users to do.

However in the situation of a hybrid between Exchange Server and Exchange Online there can be a very small caveat that can cause confusion.

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