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Note also that Axis client and server requires Java 1.3 or later.For more details on using Axis, please see the user guide.Axis is compiled in the JAR file axis.jar; it implements the JAX-RPC API declared in the JAR files and It needs various helper libraries, for logging, WSDL processing and introspection.Axis implements the JAX-RPC API, one of the standard ways to program Java services.If you look at the specification and tutorials on Sun's web site, you will understand the API.

SOAP usually exchanges messages over HTTP: the client POSTs a SOAP request, and receives either an HTTP success code and a SOAP response or an HTTP error code.You can use these to write better programs, but these will only work with the Axis implementation.But since Axis is free and you get the source, that should not matter.Open Source means that you get the source, but that there is no formal support organisation to help you when things go wrong. These messages exchange structured information between SOAP systems.Messages consist of one or more SOAP elements inside an envelope, Headers and the SOAP Body.

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