Erin gray haircolour eyecolour

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Brown hair has become fashionable and the countless variations such as caramel, nougat or hazelnut can make you flattering with your blue eyes popping as well.

Apart from this, there are perfect reasons as for why most women are preferring brown hair and they include the following: To go brunette, and look better there are few tips to put into consideration. That means you should go for either dark or light brunette.

Bluish-black gloss can give it a glow as well as a healthy appearance.

Jet black, aubergine, and mahogany can also accentuate your hair perfectly well.

Golden blonde, honey golden brown, and copper are the best alternative colors to make your hair look flattering. Too dark hair color may not work for you unless you are naturally dark.

For your love of red hair color, you can go for golden red or strawberry blonde to add warmth. To accent well your cool fair skin with the blue eye, some of the hair colors suitable for you include the following. They are the perfect complements not only to your eyes color but also to the pink or purple skin undertones defining your fair skin complexion.

This hair types always have a golden sheen that shines in the presence of light.

Warm colors are perfect for you and they brighten off your yellow undertones.

While coloring at-home, the common mistake women make is the application of too warm hair dye that makes hair to end in orange appearance.Your love of colors should abide by this arrangement of colors on the wheel and their respective complements.You need to get a perfect hair color complement for your blue eyes.Personally, I would prefer to keep good maintenance of such hair without going for the color treatment process.To change your black is not the best of the options but if you have a feeling to do so you have to maintain within your three shades of natural hair color.

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