Emotional purity in dating

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When I first decided to save sex for marriage, it seemed like the obvious choice, given God’s commands and my commitment to my faith.But as the years went on, and I became more and more of a minority, I began to view my purity as a badge of honor — possibly even something I did better than others.And, in doing so, they have taken something good and vitally important — holiness in a Christian’s life — and turned it into a campaign.Here are four ways I believe purity can become a problem.A performance-based rewards system in any area of our spiritual lives can become a problem, but it is particularly damaging in this case.God designed sex to be a sacred bonding between a man and woman in a committed, covenant relationship. While saving intimacy for marriage is always best, we devalue God’s intent for sex when we view it as a reward for good behavior.Healthy relationships require sincerity and a lack of fear.As we abide in Christ, we must rely on the Holy Spirit to convict us when our interactions with others stray outside of holiness and purity.

With this goal in mind, Paul talks about sexual immorality a lot — but often among other sins, such as greed, disobedience to parents, and idolatry.

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A lot of the apostle Paul’s best purity stuff was written to those living in sexually decadent cultures.

Thousands of people seeking sexual satisfaction filled the great Temple of Diana, which overlooked the city of Ephesus.

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