Effective communication leveling validating the rule book for dating

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The style of wording helps to prompt the customer into giving the advisor all the relevant information in regard to their query.

As Gordon Walker, a contact centre trainer, says: To check that the call is going in the right direction, advisors should ask customers if they are happy and have understood everything that they have so far heard. Some examples of pre-closing questions include: “While these questioning techniques are great to point people in the right direction, the best thing is just to have that normal conversation.

This is with the thought that open questions will draw more information from the customer, which will allow the advisor to better attach a product or service to the customer’s needs.

However, Christine Knott believes that open questions should not be used in isolation, highlighting that closed questions (i.e.

When you confirm the information, it demonstrates that you have been listening and it also keeps the conversation on track – where the advisor wants it to go and the customer needs it go.” Asking a mixture of open and closed questions is key to the “the Funnel Effect”, which is a three-step questioning technique for contact centre advisors.

The three stages of the Funnel Effect are discussed further below by Lindsey Mc Ghie.

Asking at this point allows you to plan how your questioning will flow.Some examples could include: “These TED questions should be used at any moment when the advisor feels as though they have heard something that they would like some more information on.They are used best interjected between open and closed questions.” These probing TED questions help to pinpoint the relevant insight from a customer’s open response.Some other tips for building rapport, such as repeating the customer’s problem, are great for helping you to create probing questions unique to the customer’s situation, but this does take time.For those that seem to be in a rush, you can frame the conversation differently.

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