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"The pool of college educated men isn't growing as rapidly as it is for women." There is also a gender shift in the realm of education. Researchers have found educational attainment to be a higher priority among couples than ever.Women represent nearly 60 percent of students holding advanced degrees in areas such as medicine, law, business and graduate programs, the U. Popular online dating sites and e Harmony report that romances happen occasionally between educated, professional women and men who are less educated or have a lower salary.Others still forgo the contract, but they will have the subordinate employee report to a different supervisor to avoid conflicts of interest.What you choose to do depends on your organization.Here are three tips to help effectively manage office romances: 1.Don’t be an office romance dictator – Yes, you need to have policies in place to ensure safe, healthy and productive behavior in the workplace, but banning dating co-workers outright is probably not the answer and would prove difficult to police.The impact flirtation, dating and relationships between co-workers can have on productivity is a concern, but as a Business Owner, you also want to tread lightly when it comes to an employee’s personal life.It is not uncommon for public companies to have policies in place to ensure behavior at work is appropriate and that office romances don’t interfere with job responsibilities or performance.

If the relationship is going well, other employees may claim that the worker in the lower position is getting special treatment.

Leah Mac Isaac-Ruff, 45, works 11-hour-plus-days as a technology vice president at a Wall Street firm. So does her husband, Doug, 43, who walks dogs for a living.

Mac Isaac-Ruff may be the breadwinner, but she finds her husband's career choice refreshing.

Instead, it’s far more effective to create policies that govern behavior while on the job such as a rule against public displays of affection.

These restrictions emphasize that if relationships interfere with work duties, then disciplinary action may be needed. Be extra careful about the supervisor-subordinate relationship – There is one type of intra-office relationship that may be in the company’s best interest to ban altogether.

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