Eclipse maven updating indexes slow

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Eclipse is still good, but not that much better than its competitors any more.Eclipse interface is still very flexible and easy to customize but the recent plugins are not so well implemented and error prone (I am thinking of Maven, Git support).Firstly, and least importantly, it’s super shiny and you’ll make all your friends and colleagues feel jealous and old fashioned when they realise their Eclipse version isn’t named after a popular chocolate bar.Secondly and more importantly, the Eclipse foundation do put a lot of work in to make Eclipse more performant, so you may as well make use of these enhancements in the newer versions.However, we’ve all at some point said or thought to ourselves, .

Obviously, if you’re running and stuck on a legacy plugin which you depend on, and it doesn’t support a newer version of Eclipse, this may not be an option for you, but this is quite rare.We of course know that one of the major pain points when developing applications in Java is having to build, compile, package, restart/redeploy, generate state, ZZzzzzz.And all this before you can even think about testing or seeing your code changes.This strategy minimises the garbage collection pause, meaning the time spent garbage collecting is reduced as much as possible.Class verification is where the JVM sifts through your class files when they’re loaded and verifies that class data is not corrupt or invalid.

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