E2k7 oab not updating

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“Yesterday, I tried to download local Global Address List (GAL), also known as Offline Address Book but failed.

Even after many attempts, I could not download Offline Address Book.

Once it has been confirmed that BITS job list is responsible for the error, remedial measures can be implemented. Provides easy and reliable ways to resolve multiple technical issues, which users encounter in their day-to-day life.

As it is mentioned earlier, BITS job list has to be cleared or reset to get rid of this error. To reset the list, run this command: By now, the Local Global Address List Not Updating in Outlook error should have been resolved.

Get-Public Folder "\non_ipm_subtree\offline address book\/o=ORG/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address list" -Recurse | Set-Public Folder -Replicas "second storage group\public folder database" Get-Public Folder "\non_ipm_subtree\offline address book\/o=ORG/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address List" -Recurse | Set-Public Folder -Replication Schedule $alwaysrun Here /o=ORG, ORG represents the name of the Exchange Organization.

Also, the "second storage group\public folder database" represents the name of the public folder database.

it was a bug in E2K7 SP1, after installation of SP2 address book start copying at desired location on CAS but my actual problem is still the same.

Newly created users are not appearing in GAL however i can see them in OWA and "All users" address list but not in GAL/OAB.

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so overall my initial/earlier config was good but there was bug in E2K7 SP1 which restrict CAS to access CMS share and also something was wrong with my all contact address list which restrict outlook clients to download GAL and let them download older addresses.Before moving to the solution part, it is necessary to confirm the cause of this error. Users can take help of this post and resolve the error by following instructions given here.Here is the way to find out if this error is caused by full BITS job list. A versatile writer with the vast knowledge of technology helps to reduce the gap between a user and technology.I went into Organization Configuration mailbox and tried to update the offline address book and got this error: Failed to generate the content of the offline address book 'default offline address list'.two possible reasons for the failure are that the system attendant service is not running or you do not have permission to perform this operation.

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