Dylan sprouse dating emily osment dating discreet uk

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Of course, none of them are It's no secret Disney stars date other Disney stars, as evidenced by Nick Jonas admitting "we were all dating each other" when talking about his House of Mouse days.

But, it's always fun to see which non-Disney celebs your faves dated or are currently dating. These couples lasted as short as one date (yikes) to several years, with plenty of flings in between.

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The star has gone on to continue acting, but enjoys her alone time as well.

The star has also appeared as a co-host on 'The View', and appears to enjoy a Segway ride here and there.

If you weren't a fan of the Jonas Brothers, then you are simply lying to yourself.

The actress, who played Lizzie Mc Guire, in the 'Lizzie Mc Guire Show', also featured in films from 'A Cinderella Story', 'Material Girls' and is a lead on the current show, 'Younger'.

As glamorous as this all may seem, Duff spends her time taking care of her two kids, days at the park and even doing her own groceries, Chanel bag in the shopping cart and all!

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