Drupal rss feed not updating

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Subsequent major and minor releases (8.7.1 as of May 9, 2019) which bring numerous improvements and bug fixes (including CKEditor WYSIWYG enhancements, added APIs, an improved help page) can be found on the Releases page..

In the Drupal community, "CORE" refers to the collaboratively built codebase that can be extended through contributory modules and – for versions prior to Drupal 8 – is kept outside of the "sites" folder of a Drupal installation.

Drupal 8 will integrate the Twig templating engine.

The inclusion of the PHPTemplate and XTemplate engines in Drupal addressed user concerns about flexibility and complexity.

drupal rss feed not updating-53

drupal rss feed not updating-53

Thus, it can be extremely important to apply these updates quickly and usage of a tool to make this process easier like drush is highly recommended.It's important to update quickly after security updates are released.Before updating it is highly recommended to take backup of core, modules, theme, files and database.Drupal localization is built on top of gettext, the GNU internationalization and localization (i18n) library.Drupal can automatically notify the administrator about new versions of modules, themes, or the Drupal core.

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