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Behind Dropbox's simplicity are sophisticated tools that let you back up your photos, edit documents online, roll back time, and secure your files from prying eyes.

While it's far from the only way to sync your files, the hidden features put Dropbox a step ahead of the rest.

There's a zoom tool to dig in deeper—especially handy for larger design files—and even a print button to make a hard copy.

Although this seemed to pose no problem on the Mac (attachment links to pdfs still worked fine) I went through and changed both the Linked Attachment Base Directory and the Zotfile "Location of Files" paths, on both machines, to reflect the new folder names.With online previews and Office file editing online, you might find that you need fewer of your Dropbox files actually stored on your computer.If you need some extra space, you can use Dropbox's It's an especially handy trick if you're using Dropbox to back up your photos, videos, and other larger files.Here are 12 of the best features you may have never noticed in Dropbox before.Tired of taking screenshots, dragging them into Dropbox, and then copying the share link?

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