Double your dating man transformation whats the deal with online dating

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David De Angelo is a good friend and a fantastic guy.His programs are first rate, and when he asked me to speak at his Man Transformation seminar to an audience of 500 guys who flew in from all over the world to drop more than a grand for a week of training, frankly, I was honored.There were guys that would go up and talk about an outergame problem, but after a few minutes of talking with David, it was pretty obvious that it was more of an inner game issue.

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His knowledge is new but like his other programs he spends 75% percent of the time talking about and making you aware of the problems of the world and of yourself and of your mind, and only about 25% talking about a solution.

I have gone through all 20 dvd's and the 3 bonus dvds.

Initially, the interviews with the attendants seemed tedious (a few of them are), but there are some real interesting ones.

I'm waching Man Transformation DVD 6 now and can tell you it is complete waste of money and time so far (ofcorse I didn't buy it).

Most of the time he tells things "what he read in XXXX book by XXXX author", does stupid exercises from other programs, interviews students about their problems, which are so individual.

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