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" days, when she was captain of the women's soccer, basketball, and state-champion lacrosse teams at Longmeadow High School in south central Massachusetts. My husband said, ' What is it you get so emotionally involved in? I got an adult book for Christmas, but it felt like homework—what, no dragons? "We ate dinner together like the Reagans, but it wasn't as combative," she says. At one end of the table there is Tom Selleck, who plays her father, police commissioner Frank Reagan; at the other, her grandfather, Henry Reagan (Len Cariou).

She's just returned from a family trip to California, where she saw the Lakers beat the Warriors in Oracle Arena, took her son to see the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, and ripped through the final volume of Sarah Maas' young adult fantasy series, . In another echo of Moynahan's own life, Reagan has two brothers—her not-by-the-book older brother, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), and her younger college-boy-turned-cop brother, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes).

The effort to get it out was all the more hellish given her phobia about eyeballs.

She can't abide having anyone touch hers or having to touch anyone else's.

" says Bridget Moynahan, flashing an immaculate, plaque-free smile.

Nothing unusual about that from a former top model and current movie and TV star, but only someone who once harbored teenage dreams of a career in dentistry could produce the look of bliss that passed across her face.

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I did a scene with an actress named Andrea Syglowski, who played the mother of a young child who'd been killed by a reckless driver. It blew tears out of my eyes." High-neck top by Vera Wang. "I like mashed potatoes, but you can't eat them for four hours and stay in shape," Moynahan says. Moynahan worked on her acting chops in New York with the well-known coach Caymichael Patten. "I was sought out for a film role once, and I had to audition.And this season it was really emotional because when we came back, Danny had lost his wife in a helicopter crash.It was really emotional for me trying not to be emotional.She had to read a victim impact statement in court. "So mostly I just try to move the potatoes around with my fork. I asked somebody in my acting class to help me with the part. "That's like asking me what I did in the third grade." Erin's most common line? Tom Selleck butters a roll take after take." Moynahan really did have her heart set on a career as a dentist. Everything I thought to do naturally, he changed; he urged me to perform the role in a way that did not feel natural. "' No, you can't do that.'" Erin wins the lottery, what does she do? "I'm thinking a judge." How are you and Erin most different? She nods, as if to say, Don't you know that everything is easier if you can follow a script?

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