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The target of this humor is not President Trump but rather what the far left sees as a defeatist and servile center-left that values compromise over belief and denigrates the social reforms beloved by the very same voters it seeks.

These values are ingrained in the center-left’s own humor, exemplified by late-night hosts’ trying to outreason Trump by fact-checking his tweets or calling him names like a lying orange Cheeto.

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Beyond the comic incongruity of an old man’s tweeting like a teenager, fans seemed to revel in the overarching strangeness of a candidate’s commenting directly on an issue, or a candidate’s replying to any tweet at all.

Gravel has been working on this plan for 30 years and has thought through every facet of its existence, from its source of authority (James Madison’s comments in the Constitutional Convention of 1787) to its legislative procedures (too involved for a parenthetical). The alternative is minority rule by the elites of society.”Gravel is single-minded about the Legislature of the People.

Gravel believes firmly in his own campaign platform — Green New Deal, single-payer health care, etc. He sees everyone from journalists to his own children as potential converts, and he dislikes the campaign’s prevailing media narrative, which tends to ignore this pet issue in favor of his views on Sept. He laughed when I suggested that Williams and Oks might be taking advantage of him or otherwise enacting some kind of “Weekend at Bernie’s” scenario.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, @Mike Gravel was prolific, issuing up to a dozen tweets a day, sometimes while Gravel himself was sleeping. They angled for donors with tweets like, “The neoliberal dream is someone who is smooth and cool and looks dignified in all the official photos and also crushes Arabs’ skulls on the weekend,” or, “Pete Buttigieg is what you get when Patrick Bateman decides to pursue politics instead of banking.” Where most politicians were likely to sense danger, the Teens saw only retweets and likes.

When one detractor suggested that people donate to him instead of to Mike Gravel, the Teens sent him of their own money via Pay Pal.

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