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Let’s take a closer look at exhaust brakes and how exactly they work.

“I am truly humbled by this recognition,” said Roebuck. One of the biggest advantages of exhaust brakes is the simple fact that they can take some stress off the regular brakes and prevent them from overheating, especially when going downhill.In a similar fashion, if a driver transports a fifth wheeler, a caravan or a loaded trailer and he needs to go downhill, the exhaust brake can prevent the vehicle from going too fast and it reduces the likelihood of an accident.Without their support, I would not be able to do anything.I would like to thank them all for their hard work.” According to Ray Delemos, Ce TARS technical program manager, Switzer, as lead developer for both the Shared Authentication Service project and the redevelopment of the Navy Training Quota Management Systems, has had a positive impact on both NETC and NETC N3.

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