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Her Miranda Sings channel has surpassed 2 billion views and 10 million subscribers.

A third channel, Colleen Vlogs, with more than 3 million subscribers, chronicles some of her experiences on tour and at home.

She reads hate mail that she has received; interacts with audience volunteers; uses projected presentations containing terrible spelling and includes a "magic trick" where she sings while appearing to be stabbed through the neck by a sword; the joke is that she sings better when the sword is inserted through her neck.

"improvising [with volunteers] and creating punchlines on the spot. Ballinger, the genius behind Miranda, is so convincing in the role, you ...

It's fresh." Mediaite agreed, writing: "In its fifth season, Jerry Seinfeld's web series continued to be one of the most enjoyable weekly events on the internet.

Her You Tube channels, combined, have surpassed 3.8 billion total views.

The Miranda Sings channel has more than 10 million subscribers, and the character has more than 6 million Instagram followers.

To promote her videos and shows, Ballinger is active on social media, with Instagram followings of more than 6 million for Miranda and 6 million for Ballinger, Twitter followings of more than 2.5 million for Miranda and 1.7 million for Ballinger, and more than 1.7 million page likes on the Miranda Sings Facebook page.

Ballinger moved to New York City in 2010 to follow performing opportunities, but she returned to the West coast in 2012 when she realized that, to maximize her You Tube audience, she needed to collaborate with the community of You Tubers based in Los Angeles.

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    In his late teens and early twenties, he used to perform acoustic guitar gigs at open mic nights in pubs around London where he sung his own written songs either solo under the stage name Bobby Dupea, or with his band Bad Girls.