Designer mary mcdonald dating

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"Pink can be masculine, different," he says of the colour.And its use in everything from bedrooms to furniture showrooms is case in point.

The entryway made a statement-and delivered a sweeping payoff. Symmetry, any designer will tell you, is overrated. "When it feels balanced, it's not necessarily, you know, rule No.

Personal decorating style: Eclectic yet classic, with some Hollywood glamour.

I like to mix traditional pieces with more modern flair—especially by adding some great texture, fabric and color to the space. I transformed a cinder-block space into a lap of luxury. My husband and I collected most of them while we were traveling. I tell my clients all the time to live outside the box.

On Saturday we welcomed Lady Fiona Carnarvon (whose family has lived in Highclere Castle, the site of the popular PBS series “Downton Abbey”, since the 1600s) and closed with a wonderful cooking demonstration in honor of Suzanne Scott on Sunday.

The show’s net income surpassed 0,000—yet another milestone.

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