Delonte west dating vivica fox

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For that reason, there are no baby mamas running around and no skeletons in his closet.

Expect to see a lot more of Vivica and Slimm out & about.

(It’s no secret the actress has gone under the knife over the years) He writes: I don’t know why people would want to cross me.

I would stay out of my way, if I wasn’t me because I’m gonna keep winning.

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It seems that he did not inform them of the incident, and as a result, they are none too pleased with his lack of disclosure. Oz Witch Said: The first poster to call herself Dojo, posting at 11.43am on August 21st, is David Caruso’s very dangerous stalker. Be aware, She has already made racial slurs against Vivica as part of a 2 year hate campaign; she has running against David Caruso. Lee Said: Racial slurs are so 1950s people need to get over it. In todays black gossip and black news Vivica has yet to address the broken heart of the love we all knew she wouldn’t have forever, but that little young-in boy Slimm was quick to say some slick isht about it.“She’s a good woman, it’s just one of those situations where in life people outgrow each other,” the Atlanta club promoter tells toofab exclusively.” I’m highly intelligent, very wise and one thing I hate is negativity and drama, I hate arguing, and I value communication no matter what the problem may be.So as in any relationship, tension can build up and I finally had to walk away.“I was only in it for love and it just didn’t work out.

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