Dead sea scrolls dating method

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Even after Israel assumes control of the museum and the scroll fragments, they allow de Vaux’s team to continue their agonizingly slow work on the scrolls.

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Eleazar Sukenik of the Hebrew University purchases three of these scrolls, and when Mar Samuel places an add in the Wall Street Journal to sell his four scrolls, he also anonymously purchases those scrolls through a third party.

The initial discovery was supposedly made by a fifteen year old Bedouin shepherd boy named Muhammed Al-Dhib who was searching for lost sheep.

He threw a stone into a cave and heard the sound of breaking pottery.

Sukenik concludes that the scrolls are the products of the ancient Essenes.

The Jordanian Antiquities Authority authorize Lankester Harding and Father Roland de Vaus to excavate Cave 1 and the Khirbet Qumran, a site near the cave.

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