Daughter unhappy about father dating

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I need help I dont know what to do about this situation.My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year and Ive never met someone like him. We come from complete different backgrounds but we couldnt be more perfect together.

Some might argue that every one has some sort of baggage (an ill parent to care for, a medical condition etc.) however, there is baggage and there is baggage.

Hes a very good father to the daughter but I hate the fact that he has one.

I feel like its not fair to me and to him because i dont think i can accept and love his child that he has with someone else and treat her as my own.

I will be closer to the man I truly love (which is the most important reason), but I also get his ex, his daughter, his debt (he wants to get married this year, I am not sure I want to yet) and all the drama that goes along with it.

I find I am getting resentful of the daughter (I know that is childish).

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